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Image 3 storlekar Wether you want to use Consolo in a large organization, small business or privately, there is an option for you. All the different levels have the same features. The terms differ as shown below.

Additional to the user license fee is the cost for configuring and adjusting the Website to work with Consolo. The cost for this varies depending on the size of the web site and the web agency or developer. More information can be found on the Order page » 

Number of Users Web Sites Price

Consolo Enterprise 

Unlimited number of users and unlimited number of login accounts.

For 1 Website (= one site structure), and up to 3 additional web sites administered by the same company/organization.

USD 3,980
EUR 3.499

Consolo Basic

An unlimited number of users can share 10 separate login accounts. 

For 1 Website (= one site structure).

USD 995
EUR 899

Consolo Budget

An unlimited number of users can share 3 separate login accounts.

Websites using Consolo Budget must include the link “Updated with Consolo” on all of the Website’s pages. Find out more here »
Consolo Budget, like the other versions of Consolo, may not be used for web sites with racist or criminal content.


(FREE, no license)

All prices are exclusive of VAT.