Get Consolo

Are you interested in using Consolo for your Website? No problem. Any web agency or web developer can design and adjust Websites to be updated with Consolo.

Does your organization already have a web agency? Ask them for a price quote for configuring your web site for Consolo. (No Consolo user license should be included in the quote. Any license is billed directly from Global Happiness Sweden AB).

If you have not already contracted a web agency, to Global Happiness Sweden, and we will recommend an agency with Consolo experience near you.


For Web Agencies/Web Developers

Any web agency or web developer can perform server installations of Consolo for their clients. It is easy and quick, thanks to Consolo's built-in configuration and FTP tools. On this Website there is also extensive technical documentation with several examples.

Image Website with ConsoloIs Consolo new to you? Have a look at the guide:
Getting Started