Consolo for Developers

Consolo is a client based web publishing system consisting of a Windows®-based application (2000/XP), that is installed on the end user’s computer. Consolo communicates with the web server through FTP. Besides FTP access there are practially no requirements for the web server.

For editors working with Consolo there are a number of obvious advantages. Besides the “Surf-Edit-Publish” workflow and the WYSIWYG editor, the integration with Windows® is very well developed with intuitive “drag-and-drop” features and the possibility of editing files on the server in your locally installed and associated programs.

Even if you are a developer there are a number of advantages with Consolo compared to other publishing systems. Among these are:

In this documentation is everything you need to know to develop Websites for Consolo. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, you can send in your questions. We also welcome suggestions for future developments and improvements.

If you have never used Consolo before, start by looking at the guide Getting Started »