We Are Using Consolo

Consolo is currently used on about 275 Websites. Here are a few of them showing the possibilities with Consolo. The references are organizations in completely different fields with completely different needs and demands. Thanks to Consolo’s versatility and adjustability, all of them have found a content management system that makes their work with information on the Internet simple and easy.


The Government and
the Government Offices of Sweden
The Swedish Government, and the Government Offices of Sweden, are developing the urban areas of Sweden. Under the name Urban Development Politics, they have released a website with information about their work. The website with Flash-contents is updated with Consolo.


Grand Hôtel

The Grand Hôtel Stockholm is Scandinavia's leading hotel and a much appreciated international meeting-place. It was established in 1874.


The Industrial Fund of Sweden - Industrifonden
Industrifonden provides development capital, competence and networks for Swedish growth companies. Industrifonden invests in small and medium sized companies in various fields.



Energyforum is a one of the leading providers of business information to the European energy market. Since 1999 they have produced more than 200 events. The operations are run from our office in Stockholm, Sweden, but the majority of the events are held in the capitals of Europe.



Humany is a provider of conversational online business solutions that feature natural language processing technology. Humany offers its services and products to businesses with online operations to improve CRM efficiency through faster and better responses.


Karita Research

Karita Research AB is dedicated to improving decision making in complex public issues. We develop models for awareness, transparency and public participation, working within areas such as nuclear waste, energy production, mobile phone systems and biotechnology.


Relevant Traffic
Relevant Traffic offers solutions that make it easier for search engines to find your Website, and increase the conversion rate of your products and services. Relevant Traffic serves a large number of international clients and has offices in France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.


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Image Nordnet logo
Nordnet is the leading Internet broker in The Nordic Region within stocks, funds and pensions. Nordnet stands behind the campaign site Fakta om Flytträtt (Facts about the right to move), which stresses the right to move one's pension insurance capital, a right that is not obvious in Sweden. Consolo is used to update the website.
http://www.faktaomflyttratt.nu/ (only in Swedish)


The Swedish National Agency for Education
The Swedish National Agency for Education's presentation of the Swedish educational system is produced entirely in Flash. It is updated and maintained using Consolo.
skolnet.skolverket.se (only in Swedish)


Prevent, Svenskt Näringsliv, LO, PTK

Prevent is Scandinavia’s leading provider of knowledge and training in the field of health and safety. Together with the Swedish Confederation of Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and the Federation of Salaried Employees in Industry and Services (PTK), Prevent runs the web site Stress och Alkohol. The web site gives support concerning Stress and Alcohol to employers and employees in the TIME-sector. Prevent also manage their own web site with Consolo.


Spring Mobil

Since 2002, Spring Mobil has had the 4th Swedish GSM-license. The company exclusively delivers business phone solutions.


Stifud - The Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments

Stifud promotes the development and validation of replacement alternatives to animal experiments by awarding grants to research projects. Thanks to Stifud's work, more and more research is now conducted with alternative methods to animal testing.